Real Street Festival Fans, Rappers and Vendors Bond Over Cannabis

Lit! (Photo by AJ Perez)

Raps and beats weren’t the only thing filling the air at Real 92.3 FM’s Real Street Festival on the grounds outside the Honda Center in Anaheim, where the smell of cannabis filled the nostrils of thousands of festival-goers, especially on the final day (Sunday) of the two-day event.

Of course, it was many of the thousands of festival-goers who had lit the blunts that produced the pungent odors. Wherever it came from, security seemed oblivious and uncaring about the clouds, not that there was any way to stop them given the musical acts on stage encouraging the crowds to blaze ’em before rapped about the spectacle. 


There was also the fact that Real 92.3’s Real Street Fest raised cannabis awareness with several THC and CBD vendors, many of which handed out free merch to festival-goers. For instance, Royal Life King Blunt Wraps gave out oversized hemp blunt wraps from its booth.

One pot shopping. (Photo courtesy of Stick E Vape Co.)

A representative from Permanent Holiday explained they could not sell the company’s main product–a THC wax cartridge–but they could display goods, sell non-THC merch, give out stickers and promote cannabis. 

In other words, festival guests had to be holding before they passed through the gates, only being allowed to smoke ’em if they got ’em.


Smplstc could sell CBD vape cartridges and CBD tinctures, which festival goers could sample out of the Costa Mesa CBD company’s variously colored vape pens. That booth distributed free samples of their mango and gelato CBD cartridges that offer pain relief and several other benefits. Conor Denman, one of the owners of Smplstc, says the vape company has taken off,  growing and expanding quickly. 

Huf WorldWide and RipnDip, skate and clothing companies known for promoting cannabis consumption, also had a booth where they sold clothing and handed out gear. RipnDip featured their RipnDip Ice Cream clothing line with a real ice cream truck with the white RipnDip cat fashioned on top. 

No. 1! (Photo by Nikki Nelsen)

Huf offered a lounge where people could chill, shop and get their pictures taken. Throughout the festival, the company handed out little towels with the Hug logo and green foam fashioned into a hand with an extended middle finger flipping the bird.

Fortune Fly Clothing additionally had a booth at the festival that offered music and red, yellow and green colored clothing items. Their logo is a cartoon of a Rastafarian man with bloodshot eyes. 

Security at the festival also looked the other way when it came to inside the actual Honda Center, where the smell of pot also wafted. 

The music festival served as an example of the power of marijuana legalization and how many people now accept the previously misjudged plant. Indeed, cannabis brings people together, as demonstrated by the thousands of festival goers bonded over puffs of marijuana smoke and great live music by the likes of Big Sean, Cardi B., Migos and A$AP Rocky. 

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