Rapper Vally Vicious is Maturing 'Between Takes'

Los Angeles can boast a plethora of women ripping mics on the underground scene, but what about OC? The ladies are stepping up to represent and Fullerton's Vally Vicious started the new year right dropping Between Takes, her first studio effort. (Download it here!) Going through a number of name changes, the pint-size rhymer from Abstuxz is poised to make a name for herself as Vally Vicious by mixing tenacious word play on “Bars Over Bullshit” with reflective tones on “Dreams on Truth.” She exchanges verses with Vanessa Lynnae, a dope MC in her own right, over a biting, distorted bass laden beat on “Animal Style” that exudes hip-hop culture. All throughout Between Takes Vally V's infectious vocal pitch demands to be heard.


On what her new album represents in terms growing as an MC:

Between Takes emphasizes my struggles as an independent artist from Orange County on the rise. I chose the name because it represents the time in my life where I am not where I want to be but I am working toward where I would like to be. All the way from my take on music to my personal life it is fitting because I am undergoing various transitions as we speak.”

On being one of the few women MC's on the OC scene:

“Luckily for us women it is easier to stand out because we don't exactly blend in. I have always considered this to be an advantage therefore I strive to stand out even amongst that aspect. In terms of the underground scene I definitely see myself doing more videos and creating more depth to the music instead of just “going off.” This album was widely received amongst my audience because of the deeper take on music and they have even commented on the maturity. Ultimately, I love to take people by surprise. So as long as I keep with the 3 P's “Patience Product, & Persistence” I see myself being successful.”

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