Rapper Cecy B's Hard 'Werk' Pays Off

We don't see Chicana femcees like Cecy B representing OC all too often. We'd have a lot more people paying attention to us if we did. With her endless swag, speedy flow and devastating sexy appeal, it's a wonder this former San Juan Capistrano resident wasn't discovered a whole lot earlier. But thanks to new management and a big break opportunity from the legendary radio personalities/producers the Baka Boyz, her latest trap happy single, “All I Do is Werk,” is working its way onto FM airwaves from coast to coast.

Even after moving to Miami where she is preparing to blow up, Cecy B's OC roots remain steadfast (she's still got plenty of familia and fans here). On Cecy B's website, the hometown homegirl offers up her Hustle in Heels mixtape for free. The collection features Lil Rob on the brown pride anthem “Mexico.” The video for the song got airplay on MTV3. The femcee is currently working on her new album hoping to drop this summer with live shows in the mix. We talked to Cecy B about her new song–which has an extremely hot video that deserves to be viewed again…and again…and again.


On what “All I Do is Werk” is all about:
“I was raised by two hardworking, honest, brave people that have instilled in me the importance of work ethic and perseverance. My dad came to this country with nothing and was deported many times. He kept coming back and insisted on working in the US to send money back to his family in Mexico and to bring my mom here. He started cleaning bathrooms in a factory where he had worked every position over the years and eventually was the first Mexican in the company to make it to manager position and was with the company for 30 years!

So anytime I'm tired or simply putting something off, I think of my parents that literally started from the bottom and have successfully overcome many obstacles in their life. Being a female in the hip-hop industry, nothing has been handed to me easily. I've had to start from the bottom and work my way up and this industry can be very trying at times. Being a Chicana in hip-hop can be down right crazy! But this is what I love and believe I was meant to do so I follow in my parents footsteps, try my hardest to work hard, overcome any obstacles that are placed before me and just werk, werk, werk, werk!”

On how the Baka Boyz helped the song get national airplay:
“The Baka Boyz knew I had been moving around in the industry for quite a while, but up until about a year ago, I was mostly known for songs I was featured on in the hip-hop scene. It wasn't until I met my manager Dalexis of Get Right Management that I actually started to gain a larger audience from my music alone. Because of my disillusion with the music industry I decided to just put out music, videos, do shows and just move forward instead of waiting for a label to “get it.” I started to “get it” on my own.

That's when I submitted my music for the first ever “Bakas Break Me” contest and when there was a tie, they called in Steve Lobel to make the final decision. He chose the Chicana femcee from Orange County! I am so grateful for the support from The Baka Boyz because for an independent artist with a small budget, it's very challenging to gain this kind of radio push so no matter what I will always appreciate them and everyone that has ever showed me love in this crazy biz!”

Follow Cecy B on InstaGram @cecybworld, Twitter @cecy_b and on Facebook at /cecybworld.

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