Random Things Famous People Have Said About OC Weekly

We could fill a whole issue with valentines and nastiness written about us, but we've only got a rail. The following are just some of the many things famous people and publications have said about us over the years.

“A paper for fags and communists.” —Anonymous Republican staffer, printed in the Weekly's first-anniversary issue

“That paper is Satan's instrument. That is an evil paper spreading infected bodily fluids all over this county.” —Former U.S. Congressman Bob Dornan

“The bottom line is you help keep us honest and help keep the debate going, and I'm a First Amendment guy. I swore to uphold the Constitution, and the First Amendment says truth comes from vigorous debate, and you contribute to that vigorous debate, and it would be a lot less vigorous if you weren't around.” —U.S. District Court Judge Andy Guilford

“It's fiction. It's possible to put LA and New York together, but you can't offer Orange County as a market unto itself.” — Robert E. Kehoe, media consultant, to The New York Times in 1996

“It's satire, it's opinion, it's edgy, it's fun. And if you can't laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?” —U.S. Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez

“Orange County is a nexus for evil.” —R. Crumb, quoted in OC Weekly, Jan. 19, 1996

“When is the last major political scandal in Orange County that was broken by the Times or the Register? I can't remember one. But think of any of the major ones, and the Weekly broke them.” —Mike Schroeder, campaign manager for Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas and former sheriff Mike Carona

“A lively journal.” —The New York Times, 2012

“Sleazy, sexploitation stamp tabloid.” — Former Irvine mayor Larry Agran

“I subscribe to OC Weekly, and I read it all the time, but you have to know that some stuff is not true, and I've experienced it a little bit.” — Rachel Bilson, former star of The O.C.

“We ended up simpatico more often than not, and even if we weren't, it was always a fun debate.” —Steve Greenhut, former editorial writer, Orange County Register

?”Thank you for the inquiry, but I'm afraid Representative Rohrabacher will not respond to the OC Weekly's inquiries until your publication corrects and apologizes for the multiple falsehoods it has published about him.” —Ken Grubbs, press secretary for Dana Rohrabacher, responding to our request to interview the U.S. Congressman for this issue

“You work for OC Weekly? Are you a homosexual?” —Dornan

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