Ranchan Ramen & Slapfish: Lots of Luxe Loncheras Launch Lately

Two new food trucks, Ranchan Ramen and SlapFish, have launched in Orange County recently.

SlapFish serves sustainable seafood (they are in cahoots with the Aquarium of the Pacific) and Ranchan serves pizza Korean tacos ramen, sliders, okonomiyaki (!) and yakitori. Both showed up at Anaheim's Noble Ale Works on Saturday night with the Lobsta Truck, where I tried a lobster grinder from SlapFish and asparagus-bacon yakitori from Ranchan. Both trucks are OC-based, and SlapFish will be at the Long Beach Patchwork Festival on Sunday.

My stomach not being a TARDIS, I did not have room to try ramen,
okonomiyaki or sliders from Ranchan–a full review will come soon enough.
In the meanwhile, stay tuned for tomorrow's Dueling Dishes, where
SlapFish faces off against the new OC Lobsta Truck.

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Follow SlapFish on their Twitter (@SlapFishTruck), their Facebook or their website (mercifully music-free).

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