Ramsey Lewis, Sergio Mendes

When you learn that jazz legends Ramsey Lewis and Sergio Mendes are playing on the same line up under one roof, the appropriate responses are: a double take, a jaw-drop, a gasp of excitement or some combination of all three. Both Lewis and Mendes are legends in the of jazz and bossa nova worlds respectively, with the former delivering '60s cool with his seminal piano rendition of “The In Crowd,” and the latter with his sensual group Brasil '66. Not to mention they're icons in their own right, supplying serious swagger and cultural bonus points to record collections everywhere. Tonight, Lewis plays some of his best-known hits including “The In Crowd,” while Mendes takes on his classics “Mais Que Nada” and “Fool on the Hill.” Get into this unbelievable, one-night-only double-bill.

Sat., Oct. 10, 8 p.m., 2015

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