Rally to Free Kenneth Clair TOMORROW in Santa Ana!

The movement to free Kenneth Clair—who was on Death Row for 31 years for a murder case that has no DNA evidence connecting Clair to the crime whatsoever—continues to attract nationwide attention. How nationwide? The Orange County's District Attorney's office has been reduced to making a seven-part YouTube series justifying its conviction that's so laughably amateurish, you get better production values off of Musical.ly.

Clair is no longer on Death Row after the 9th District Court of Appeals ruled he had “profoundly deficient” legal help in the case and gave him life instead. But that's not good enough for Clair's angel in this case, private investigator C.J. Ford. He, more than any other individual, has pushed to make the injustice of the Clair case public, organizing rallies, participating with Reason on a short documentary outlining the outrages of the case, and running a Change.org petition demanding Clair's release that has garnered over 161,000 signatures as of this writing.

Toward that, Ford and other Clair supporters are organizing a rally TOMORROW in SanTana to draw further attention to the case. The rally will be at Phillip Hall at Santa Ana College, 1530 W. 17th St., Santa Ana (just off Bristol). Admission is FREE, but parking is $2. Better yet, caravan with justice lovers. See you there!

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