Rally for Kenneth Clair, Man Wrongfully Put on Death Row by OCDA, TOMORROW in Santa Ana

While hipsters nationwide obsess over pop-crime whodunits like Serial and Making a Murderer, people in Orange County continue the good fight of quietly fighting for the rights of those wrongfully convicted and accused. The big case ’round here right now is that of Kenneth Clair, the man recently removed from Death Row because there is no physical evidence whatsoever to connect him to a 1984 rape and murder. Tomorrow, there will be a rally at the Plaza of the Flags at noon in the SanTana Civic Center as a fundraiser to help Clair’s team gather enough funds to continue the fight to fully exonerate him (as it stands, Clair still faces life in prison despite there being DNA at the murder scene that doesn’t belong to Clair—and no Clair DNA ever being found).

From the Change.org page set up by tireless Anaheim private investigator C.J. Ford, who’s been fighting this despite getting no Netflix series or This American Life-sponsored podcast:

The Rally to Exonerate Kenneth Clair is just not about Kenneth Clair, but all the Kenneth Clair’s nationally that are imprisoned maliciously by District Attorney’s who have a “win at all cost” philosophy, and is aimed at ending “Prosecutorial Immunity” and making prosecutors criminally liable for these malicious acts that leave innocent people paying with their very lives in prison. 

Family members of other people wrongfully convicted over the years in Orange County and beyond will also be there to tell their stories. Be a mensch and GO GO GO!

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