Rainbow Harbor Terror Attack is Just a Drill

If you swing by Rainbow Harbor in Long Beach today and notice an unusually large presence of law enforcement types running around like chickens with their heads cut off, you are witnessing neither an actual terror attack nor filming of pick-up scenes for Monday night's 24 finale.

First responders from across the state are engulfed in two-day disaster preparedness drills that include a mock attack on the Port of Long Beach. An actor other than a gone-rogue Kiefer Sutherland is pretending to be a gunman in a scenario that involves fake contamination of hazardous materials near Rainbow Harbor.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is among those attending today's Long Beach drill, famously filmed scenes for The Last Action Hero at the port. The drill should be more believable.

Local, state and federal agencies are taking part in the exercises, which also include a fake attack on a
container ship at the Port of Oakland, a bomb explosion at the Port of
Redwood City and attacks in waters off Los Angeles and San Diego.

Three days of concurrent drills coordinated by the FBI conclude today with a fake terrorist plot involving an improvised nuclear device and the LA Coliseum.

“According to the scenario, law enforcement at
various levels will be challenged with detecting the device, as well as
multiple secondary devices, in Los Angeles, after learning that an
initial device has already detonated in another part of the country,” reads a release from the Bureau.
“Responding local and national agencies will attempt to render the device
safe and transport the device to a secure facility, using their
collective resources and equipment.”

Besides the FBI, the drill includes TSA, LAPD, LA County Sheriff's, LAX Airport Police, LA's mayor, LA County Public Health, U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the Department of Energy's National Nuclear Security Administration.

And, hopefully, Jack Bauer.

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