Rainbow Bridge, New Northwestern Chinese Restaurant in Irvine, Serves “Chinese Hamburgers”

Well that was quick. PokiStation, the Irvine restaurant that tried to cash in on the poke craze even though it was really a Chinese restaurant serving xiao long baos, closed after less than six months of its opening.

Now a new poke-less joint has moved in, and Irvine's probably better for it. The new place is called Rainbow Bridge and is a specialist in Ningxia cuisine of Northwest China.


Some of its specialties include rou jia mo, which a sign on the door says is akin to a “Chinese hamburger…a well-known folk's dish from North-western China.”

It goes on to describe it this way: “It can be broken down to 2 components: the bread and the meat. The bread has a golden, crispy outer skin with a soft, chew center. The meat is braised in soy sauce and slow-cooked until most of the fat has been reduced into a savory sauce.”

Another dish features a Ningxia specialty of wheat noodles called liangpi.

For the rest of the menu, which only consists of three dishes and a list of drinks, click here.

14130 Culver Dr. Ste A., Irvine, CA 92604, (949) 733-0158; rainbowbridgeirvine.com

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