Raghu Mathur Out as SOCCCD Chancellor?

Irvine Valley College professor Roy Bauer's Dissent the Blog is reporting that after about a decade, Raghu Mather is out as chancellor of the South Orange County Community College District.

It's official. During tonight's board meeting, Board Clerk Marcia Milchiker
read out board actions taken during tonight's closed session. She
reported that a decision was made essentially to end Chancellor
Mathur's continued tenure as Chancellor.

The vote was apparently 5-2, with board president Don Wagner and trustees Milchiker, Nancy Padberg, William Jay and John Williams voting for the agreement to terminate and trustees Tom Fuentes and Dave Lang voting against.
Bauer, who promised to follow up with Milchiker's exact words after he transcribes them from a videotape, believes Mathur will be leaving the district in

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