Radio Days

He's from Baltimore, wears funny glasses and majored in semiotics. Dad was an accountant, Mom a shrink. If you're going to “Ira Glass: Radio Stories,” you know that. You bought tickets weeks ago to watch Ira sit behind a desk playing old episodes of This American Life. You're a fan of Glass' weekly NPR show, one of 1.7 million radio geeks who tune in because, like you, it's smart and funny (if a bit self-conscious about that). In SoCal, you can listen to This American Life on five local stations, practically all weekend, which you also know because you've done it-because Ira and contributors David Sedaris and David Rakoff are smart and funny, too, or because you're in love with Sarah Vowell. In case you haven't bought tickets, and it's not sold out, here's your reminder.
Sun., Feb. 24, 4 p.m., 2008

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