Racist Restaurant Owner Blind Item Time!

Okay, I gotta be careful with how I word this one (because of legal shit and such), but the following was told to me recently by a local chef who's now on his own but used to work at a restaurant and was asked to consult on another restaurant owned by the same person. This person is well-respected in the OC food scene, and someone of utmost integrity–they don't lie, flat-out. Their anecdote involves sweet potato fries and a racial slur. And so the story goes…

So [name redacted] asked me and another guy to help him open [restaurant redacted]. He wanted a good bar menu, so we decided to include sweet potato fries, because they were starting to become popular at the time.

After months of working on the menu, we invite [name redacted] to try out the food. He liked most of it, but when it came to the sweet potato fries, he wouldn't even try them. He took one look at them, and shouted, “I don't want any of this nigger shit in my restaurant!” We didn't work with him after that.

Obviously, I can't confirm nor deny the parties involved, although I will say that the chef is a bad-ass, and that restaurant owner remains a moron supreme. Oh, and said restaurant decided to carry sweet potato fries after all–not that I've tried them, since I despised the place before even hearing of this story. Have fun guessing!

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