Racist Reductio ad Absurdum: Ahistoric Minutemen

**Originally posted August 6; moved up because of a funny update, which follows original post!

Last week, the Campo Minutemen sent out a mass email railing about the mural shown to the left at Marco F. Foster Middle School in San Juan Capistrano. The message sent by one Cheryl Burns is so priceless it warrants a full excerpt:

Please share this email with everyone on your email list. This is going on in more than San Juan Capistrano, California, a sanctuary city.

One of the documents attached is a photo of a wall in the Marco Forster Middle School, in San Juan Capistrano, California. 90 something percent English learner.

Interesting about the mural is the Mexican Flag, first when you look from left to right and elevated above the Red, White and Blue. The symbolism of the Catholic church with the candle does not make sense. Isn't there something about no prayer or religion in public schools. Could this be a private Catholic school for the children of illegal aliens supported by public taxpayer money and it is a secret from the American tax payers that pay for the school?

There is nothing in the mural representing American children and Benito Juarez was President of Mexico in 1806. Thomas Jefferson was President of the United States in 1806. A staunch supporter of Liberty. Liberty is what illegal aliens are stealing from US citizens. And they are doing it by any means necessary. Jefferson drafted the Declaration of Independence.

Hoo boy: now, here we have a Minuteman who is not only lacking in history (Juarez was president during the 1860s), demographics (Forster is about half-gabacho, half-wab), vision (all those multicolored kids represent diversity) and equilibrium (the Mexican and American flags are at the same height and size–it's all about perspective, chula!) but can't even get her religions straight, unless non-crypto-Jewish Catholic started using menorahs recently. But the worst part about Burns' screed is that she doesn't share the mural's history, nor that of Marco F. Forster–for in the two, we see the promise of assimilation versus the Know Nothing bile of all the Minutemen Projects.


Let's start with the 35-foot long, eight-foot high mural. Forster students painted it in the spring of 1994 a couple of months after a San Diego white supremacist group placed fliers in the school's 1,200 lockers railing against Mexicans (300 were also found at Laguna Beach High School). Teachers thought up of the mural as a way to unify the school–“”We hope Marco Forster can be united forever,” a student told the Los Angeles Times at its unveiling. Nothing Aztlanista, nothing reeking of sedition–just a school showing that Mexican and American cultures are not mutually exclusive in this country.

Which leads us to Marco F. Forster. His grandfather was Juan Forster, an English immigrant who went native upon arriving to California in the 1830s, changed his name to Juan, and married into the Pico family of Californio fame. The Forsters at a time owned much of what's now South County, but their history–as immigrants, as miscegenators, as people who didn't fear mixing cultures but rather embraced the idea to much success–can show both sides of the immigration debate something about the inevitability of mestizaje. The Mexican kiddies understand and live this; the Know Nothings of this county instead whine like the deluded dividers they are.

**UPDATE: Lo and behold, the Forster Middle School as Reconquista Academy meme has hit the mainstream. A parent made all sorts of insane claims about Forster, which Capistrano Unified School District Superintendent A. Woodrow Carter coolly, brutally destroyed. Given Capo Unified is a battleground for Know Nothings, expect more insanity to come from this issue soon…

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