Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by molly: GOOD BYE AND STAY GONE. If you want to dress like that – go back where you came from….that is not proper attire in USA – GET IT
Comment by Gina: I wish this woman would take herself and her family and go home, where they belong. America is finished.

Comment by ps: Good Bye, Adios, Hasta La Vista, Good riddance, Vaya con Dios, oh I guess the last one wouldn't apply.

Comment by mensarino: Why wouldn't “god go with you” apply? She may not have the same god but a god nonetheless.
Comment by trublu07: Cuz her god is money.
Comment by MM: Because her god does not exist.
Comment by eviltwin: Ask the citizens of Paris about muslims in their city.
Comment by MM: … let's stay focused we are here to dog some dumb chick and her barbaric religion. 
Comment by rationalthinker: It sickens me to hear people throwing out hateful, vicious and racist comments under the cloak of anonymity. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but scrolling through the comments section of almost any OCR story is an exercise in disbelief of the lack of civility and respect for others that takes place here. 

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