Racist Leaves 'Zipperhead' Tip at Anaheim Restaurant After Having to Wait for Thai Food

Having to wait a little bit for Thai food can be difficult, sure (I mean it's so delicious), but when I finally get it in my hands, I'm normally in a great mood. Not so much for some asshole who dined in Anaheim last Sunday, who allegedly scribbled a racist remark in the tip field of his receipt after having to wait 15 minutes for his food.

That's right. Just 15 minutes and this guy is throwing racial slurs all over the place.


The incident allegedly took place last Sunday at Fa-Sai Thai Restaurant in Anaheim (Gustavo's reviewed their Santa Ana location; it's tasty). The restaurant had a busy service, and the customer had to wait a little before his food came out. When he got his receipt, he declined to tip, instead writing “HURRY THE FUCK UP ZIPPERHEAD” on the tip line. Restaurant owner CJ Jetphukthai shared the receipt on Facebook yesterday with the following commentary:

It was a very busy night at my Thai restaurant tonight. This gentleman had to wait for his food for the whole 15 minutes … And he wrote this on his credit card slip … Thank you for your kind understanding and your word of encouragement .. We know the world revolves around you .. And no one else matters but you .. #zipperhead


You can see the full receipt below, with some redaction by me:

Seriously though, what kind of person gets so angry over a little delay in Thai food delivery speed? And still uses “zipperhead”? What is it, 1970? Some people, I swear..

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