Race To Replace Loretta Sanchez In Congress Is Officially Underway

Correa, Dunn, Nguyen and Brandman

For 20 years, Loretta Sanchez owned her Anaheim/Santa Ana/Garden Grove district while, for most of her stint, serving as the lone Democrat in Orange County’s Ayn Rand-ish, neocon-loaded congressional delegation.

Oh, how Republicans desperately wanted to topple her from the seat but somehow sent in losing opponent after trounced losing opponent, and now she’s running to replace Barbara Boxer in the U.S. Senate.

The all-male, all-Democrat slate seeking to replace Sanchez–Jordan Brandman, Lou Correa, Bao Nguyen and Joe Dunn–participated in their first debate on Saturday.

Guess what?

Donald Trump isn’t admired and not just because of the way he combs his hair or pronounces “China.”

The candidates addressed issues like climate change, gun control, income inequality, criminal justice, immigration and education reform, corporate welfare, Middle East turmoil, voting rights, middle class woes, and marijuana legalization.


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