R. Scott Moxley in Washington Post!

Yesterday, the Washington Post did a good recap of our disgraced ex-sheriff, Mike “Phenomenal Pussy” Carona. Past the expected cliches thrown around by out-of-town reporters (“famously conservative bastion,” “the sensibility enshrined at Anaheim's Disneyland long has informed local politics,” “a community once represented by a congressman the John Birch Society had ejected for “extremism”) was some words from our own Scott Moxley on Carona:

Court papers indicate the woman has turned state's witness, sharing with investigators “without limitation, physical characteristics, the kinds of sex he preferred, examples of sexual talk, and a nickname he used for his private parts.”

That would be “The Little Sheriff,” according to birthday cards published in the alternative O.C. Weekly, which was leery of Carona early on. Reporter R. Scott Moxley recalled being put off by the sheriff's phalanx of bodyguards (who called him “Braveheart”) and Carona's choice of diversionary tactic during an interview on campaign contributors.

“In the middle of these discussions, he's saying to me: 'Hey, I got these great helicopters. You want to go up in a helicopter?' ” Moxley said.

Congrats, Scott–YOU RAWWWWWWWK.

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