Quote(s) Of The Day: Marilyn Manson

PhotobucketHas-been Marilyn Manson was recently quoted about his upcoming “Rape Of The World” tour (what a charming name) on Rollingstone.com. He says “It’s going to be difficult for people to keep us from tearing our faces off.”

That crazy, huh? OK, I’ll stand back and just watch you try and um, tear your own face off.

He also said: “Hopefully we can not only bring Twiggy back but bring Satan back into one giant evil cocktail that’s one thousand proof.”

One thousand proof?! Whoa thats really strong! But why stop there? Why not make it one million proof? Or infinity proof!


If you want to see Manson tear his own face off, he will be playing the Wiltern on Feb. 22 and 23.

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