Quick Questions With Steve Trevino

Starting off with a comedy bang by touring with Carlos Mencia to appearances on Comedy TV, The Late Late Show, Comics Unleashed, and Que Locos, Steve Trevino has been doing it big in the biggest ways possible. His set is packed full of personal and candid life experiences on matters in marriage, body issues, and all things Latino yet even if you are a skinny, unmarried, non-Latino, Trevino's material remains completely relatable. Coincidentally (although totally not coincidental), Steve's second special “Relateable” premiered on NUVOtv February 16th and with an encore airing of this specular stand-up show tonight, we decided to delve a little deeper into his off-stage life with a survey of sorts. Picking brains is what we do and with this funny man quickly rising up the popularity charts, we just had to go there with him to see is we “relate” to his choices. What we found out wasn't too shabby either. Not. Too. Shabby. Steve.


Tupac or Biggie- They both had something to say. Rap music now is pathetic. There's no truth in it and no heart.

Lap dance in or out of the champagne room- It's not for me but I will get a friend a lap dance.

Favorite comedy club food- French fries

What's your best pick up line- I'm married, so my lines are more like questions. Can we? Please? What about tomorrow?

Craziest pick up line said to you- I don't care if you're married.

Favorite toy as a kid- A football. I got a bad ass real leather football one year and me and my buddies played with it every day until it wore out. I still think about that football to this day.

First time on stage- 2nd grade was my first time on stage. I auditioned for the talent show in front of the music teacher and did parts of Eddie Murphy's “Raw.” The teacher was shocked and had a talk with my mom. She then helped me write some jokes more appropriate for an 8 year-old.

FOX or MSN- I watch them all. Media now has such an agenda, I don't know what to believe. Both are full of shit.

Facebook or Twitter- Being away from my family, Facebook is the only way to keep up with them. I'm always making family members post pictures so I can stay connected.

Justin Bieber: Stay in the US or deport that fucker- He needs a good spanking. Then put him on a timeout in Canada.

Best concert you've been to- Steve Miller Band.

Worst concert you've been to- My in-laws made us go see Donny and Marie in Vegas. My father in-law and I almost killed ourselves. You wanna know what love is? It's seeing Donny and Marie for your wife and mother in-law.

All-time favorite movie- Tombstone. Well, the first half. The second half I can take or leave. My favorite comedy would have to be Three Amigos. It has a plethora of funny.

Iron Sheik or go fuck yourself- Go fuck yourself. I never got into wrestling as a kid. The sad part is watching grown men that are into it. Come on guy, it's fake, dummy.

Best advice you've ever received- My dad has given me a lot of advice over the years so it's hard to pick one. But if I had to it would be, “Always do the right thing even if it's the harder thing to do. No one can get upset with you if you do that because what right is right and what's wrong is wrong.”

Catch the encore of “Steve Trevino: Relatable” Friday February 21st at 9pm PST on NUVOtv or watch it on-line commercial free at mynuvotv.com. For more info, visit Facebook.com/StTrevino and follow him on Twitter: @MrSteveTrevino.

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