Purple Tart Hybrid: Our Toke of the week!

Purple Tart Hybrid at The Bakery in Anaheim Ca

Strain: Purple Tart Hybrid

I’ve been a customer at various dispensaries in Santa Ana since 2012 when I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Yes, back when the city was constantly shutting them down, spending at least a million dollars of taxpayer money to keep patients like myself from getting the medicine we needed to help us with the nausea and pain of chemo. Then the city of Santa Ana got smart and became partners with the dispensaries, making it legal to buy medical marijuana in Santa Ana IF you went to their sanctioned dispensaries.

For the last few years those dispensaries have been a safe haven for anyone with a doctor’s rec. They are clean and organized, beautiful stores where young and old can find what they need for what ails them. But curious what 2018 and legalization has brought to the scene, I ventured over to Anaheim for a change. The Bakery has the same Apple store-like ambience as MedMenOC. The budtenders were super nice and friendly and they had a nice selection of flower, concentrates and edibles and first time customers get a 5 gram 1/8 on your first visit. SWEET! I choose Purple Tart, it had a lighter color to it and had a very citrusy aroma, plus I had never heard of it so why the hell not?

With all the mad scientist growers out there creating dank AF weed it’s hard to keep up with strains these days so I all I could do is smoke mad amounts of Purple Tart to get my best review.  It’s very dense, somewhat sticky but not icky. It smoked very smooth, I mean very. I lit up one bowl and didn’t feel much of anything. Oh, no, I’m thinking I got ripped off, I never get ripped off! A few more bowls and I started to feel pretty relaxed, OK, not bad. It was a nice relaxed feeling not the “glued” to the couch relaxed so I’m guessing this must be sativa dominant so I smoke a few more bowls and BOOM! I’m out like passed out, this Purple Tart turned out to be a Creeper! NICE. I’ve had creepers before but Purple Tart really surprised me. Well played.

Available at The Bakery 1112 N. Magnolia Ave., Anaheim, CA, 92801. (714)388-9169. $45 1/8; $85 1/4


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