Punk Rock Picnic Returns–Supposedly

That's right. It's back…supposedly. Over the weekend, while many of OC's punks were busy at Musink, the Punk Rock Picnic Music Festival quietly announced a lineup. Notice we didn't say confirmed. If you read our cover story in 2013 about how this festival and its promoter Steve Smith wound up costing ticket holders, bands and vendors thousands upon thousands of hard earned dollars when it was cancelled at the last minute, you can understand why we might be a little gun shy. But here we are. Ready to try this again?!

For what it's worth, the lineup–headlined by Cockney Rejects with support from Agent Orange, Shattered Faith, Ill Repute among others–seems solid, albeit a lot more modest than touting GWAR or Danzig. It might even be doable. And unless you've already received your personally addressed refund check (you five know who you are), then those of you who still have ticket stubs from the 2013 debacle will be allowed to trade them in at will call to get new tickets, according to Smith's Facebook invite for the event. Hope you took good care of those old tickets, guys.


This year's festival might also be held at a new location in Long Beach–Marina Green park on Shoreline Dr., a stone's throw away from the Queen Mary. Thankfully though, it's been scheduled for the summer time–far away from that pesky Long Beach Grand Prix that happens every year in April. And new ticket buyers should also know that Smith shows signs of cleaning up his act by using Brown Paper Tickets this year instead of previous broker, Purple Pass–which somehow managed to give all of your money away with no clue as to where it went.

Anyway, I know our tone here is a bit harsh and, well, it should be. Also, it's worth noting that so far NONE of the headlining or main supporting acts on the lineup have announced they're playing this thing via social media, websites, etc. But maybe, just maybe, PRP will work out this time. And maybe, just maybe, we won't have to write the same cover story twice. Full lineup and ticket info below. Caveat emptor.

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