Punk Rock Picnic Promoters Start Some Epic Mudslinging on Facebook

It looks like the relationship between Punk Rock Picnic promoters Steve Smith and Rick Bottrell is over. And they've gone out of their way to make it Facebook official. Though last weekend's sour ending to their Punk Rock Picnic revival was a tough pill to swallow for the two who put tons of effort into making it happen, it's clear from recent spats on social media that each one of them holds the other responsible for the embarrassing outcome. Not only that, but they've gone so far as to air their dirty laundry for all to see. For the last 24 hours we've sat back and watched Smith's Facebook page turn into a battle ground we like to call Game of Groans. And shit just got real!

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It started yesterday with Smith's post claiming he was forced to “bail out” Bottrell during his mini tour with Angry Samoans and PRP's would-be headliners, Cockney Rejects using his “personal funds.” Considering Bottrell was supposed to be the primary financial investor in this situation (apparently Bottrell says he put over $70,000 into the fest), that jab didn't go unanswered. It set off a thread of back and forth mudslinging and pettiness for which this Michael Jackson meme was invented.

Considering they've done all this in public for our entertainment, we figured it was best to compile a highlight reel that captures the best of the worst of what these guys had to say to each other, further proving that neither one of them should be let near a festival ever again.

Let the Game of Groans begin…

Usually when building a skate ramp, you leave the knives and the veiled threats of bodily harm at home…

“Fucktard thief”…we're gonna have to remember that one!

When the squad tries to give you good advice but you ain't tryna hear it.

Why take someone to court when you could just look at the bright side instead?

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