Punk Frontman David Christopher Reveals His New Hip-Hop Solo Career

David Christopher probably knows more than you do about being in a punk rock band. After all, he got plenty of time in the genre as the frontman for Against All Odds (the LA/OC-based punk band, not one of the dozens of other groups with the same name), and he’s been interested in the punk scene ever since he was a little kid.

But now all that is behind him.

Christopher’s moved on from the band life to pursue a career as a solo artist, but he’s not focusing on punk music.

“It’s been something I’ve wanted to do for a long time,” Christopher says. “I actually brought it up to the band a while ago that I wanted to do something a little more hip hop and electronic.”

When Christopher initially wanted to branch out into more experimental music, combining genres such as punk and metal with hip-hop and electronic was virtually unheard of outside of horrendous rap-rock nu-metal. These days, the music industry is a lot more welcoming for those looking to think outside of genre lines.

“Even just four or five years ago, people were like ‘Whoa, what are you talking about?’” Christopher says. “Now, the lines are blurred more. I’m a very creative guy, so I just want to dabble and mix it up. I’m always going to have punk rock roots and some metal, but it’s definitely fun for me to experiment with everything else.”

To this point, Christopher has worked with recognizable faces from several different genres, most notably Gangsta Boo of Three 6 Mafia. He’s still finding his own sound and working out the kinks in each song, but it’s his punk rock mentality that acts as the driving force behind his new project.

“So many things in the world today are bullshit and manufactured,” Christopher says. “I don’t want to be another cookie-cutter act. I’m sick of all the garbage that’s out there who are doing it for the money. We need real people making real music more than ever.”

With an EP due out the beginning of the year, Christopher still doesn’t know exactly which direction his music is going. It might fall more into hip-hop, or it might be some form of electro-punk, but Christopher is far more concerned with having a message behind the tunesthan exactly what type of music it is.

“I just want to have an impact,” Christopher says. “I have something to say, and I’m not just another dude making garbage for YouTube or the radio. I want to have a purpose and prove a lot of people wrong.”

Aside from looking to change the world through his music, Christopher’s also found another avenue to inspire people. Even if his former band members and friends make fun of him for it, Christopher’s become known as much for his fitness and workout regimens as his musical catalog, particularly on social media.

“(Working out) is just the other end of the spectrum for me,” Christopher says. “It’s a different kind of release for me, and it’s something I’ve been doing since I was 14. It helps clear my head and give me a new perspective, but it’s also really helped me make new connections as it’s become trendy over the last couple years.”

Regardless of everything he’s done in the past, Christopher is certain that the future is brighter. No matter what happens with his upcoming Rise of the Underdog EP, Christopher doesn’t think he’ll be going away anytime soon.

“I plan to go hard, and I plan to stick around for a while,” Christopher says. “So people should plan on finding a lot of me. I hope people dig it, but I want them to hear it either way.”

Christopher’s first performance as a solo artist will take place on January 23 following the Supercross event in Anaheim. Follow him on YouTube and Instagram for more information.

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