Pundits Already Saying New Redistricting Will Hurt Loretta Sanchez–HA!

Man, it's always a hoot reading the premature obituaries written about Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez (D-Took Two Dead Girls to Make Her Sponsor the DREAM Act) over the past 15 years, and the latest batch is already starting today with the release of draft maps showing the redrawn congressional lines that happen every 10 years. It shows that Anaheim is virtually gone from Sanchez's now-proposed district, as her boundaries now got pushed to include nearly the entirety of Little Saigon–and we all know Viets vote Republican, right?

“New draft redistricting map hurts Rep. Sanchez,” blares the headline on the Orange County Register website, while Allan Bartlett over at Red County thinks thinks it's “now an imminently winnable seat for the GOP.”


Republicans and media types: get over your delusion. As I've written before and won bets about, the only way Loretta will lose her seat is when she decides to go somewhere else. 2010 was the best shot the GOP had of taking down their “light-skinned” Moby, um, Dick, with their Great Viet Hope, Van Tran, and she slaughtered Tran like Krusty did the Special Olympics–this despite being a mid-term election, despite the Dems losing the House, and despite Loretta spinning racialist conspiracies about Viets.

Let's say the redistricting, once all the lawsuits and hubbub is done, eliminates Loretta's wab advantage and brings in more Viets. Who will the Republicans run? Tran is done; Orange County Supervisor Janet Nguyen is an even more-boring choice than Tran (though not as corrupt). After them? Drunkard Andy Quach? Interferer “Tyler” Diep? Loretta could destroy all of them asleep. A gabacho? They no longer exist in Garden Grove, Westminster or SanTana? A pocho? HA!

We'll see how the final redistricting lines play out, but the fact remains: no way Loretta loses until she wants to. And so, heaven help us all…

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