Promising Sobriety, Orange County Mail Thief Learns Punishment

After promising a federal judge he is now dedicated to sobriety, an Orange County mail thief was sentenced to 12 months in prison, the low end of sentencing guidelines.

Assistant United States Attorney Lawurence E. Kole, a public defender and U.S. District Court Judge Cormac J. Carney agreed this month on the punishment for John Calvin Hession, a convicted drug dealer.

“I know that sobriety is my key to success,” the defendant told Carney. “Both myself and my significant other have decided that for us to have a life together we need to be sober. I know there is no way of convincing you of my sincerity other than just doing it.”


Officers at the Tustin Police Department arrested Hession and his girlfriend, Jennifer Summer Evans, in September 2013, after the couple was found at an apartment complex with more than 125 pieces of stolen mail that included checks, credit cards and $150 in bus passes.

Carney order Hession, who will be given sentencing credit for the seven months he's already been in federal custody, to pay restitution of $833.

Evans pleaded guilty earlier this year, but has not yet been sentenced.

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