Profiles in OC Pioneers Who Were Klan Members: William French, Fullerton's First Deputy Police Officer

Hey, since the Fullerton Police Department is in the news because half-a-dozen of them beat to death a homeless man who suffered from schizophrenia, why not remind folks this week about the department's friendly past? Yes, Mitchie: Klan members were part of Fullerton's finest, and it started from the top in Marshall William French and beyond.

French makes the Fullerton history books because he was the first deputy hired by the city, to work as a night watchman for the city. He became marshal in 1912, a position he kept right up until the time the KKK infiltrated all aspects of Fullerton government and set up an operation even more powerful than much-more-maligned Anaheim.

By the time French left the force sometimes in the 1920s, he was already working as the city recorder, further helping the Klan dominate the city. The last note I'll leave for this entry is that the Fullerton Police Department's own history of itself makes fun of the deplorable jail conditions that French kept Fullerton prisoners in–because nothing's more HILARIOUS than police officers fucking with the public! Just ask Kelly Thomas…

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