Princeton University Doctoral Candidate Writing Dissertation Partly on Northgate Supermarket

Yesterday, I enjoyed a lunch at Zait and Zaatar in Anacrime while getting interviewed by Alejandro Rivas. He's a doctoral candidate in sociology at Princeton University, and his dissertation is…well, I'm not going to spill its thesis or main contents, but I am allowed to share one of the focuses will be on the Anaheim-born Mexican supermarket chain Gonz├ílez Northgate.
Specifically, Rivas is interested in the battle between Northgate and the Mexico's biggest supermarket chain, Gigante, which tried to muscle its way into Orange County in 2002 by using the race card only to fail miserably. I covered the manufactured scandal in 2002 as a cub reporter for this rag, and I'm glad the story will finally get told nationally and hopefully serve as a cautionary warning against ego and assumptions about ethnic solidarity. Rivas is currently researching and has no set date on its publication, so we wish him well!

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