President Barack Obama Wins Again! Birthers Orly Taitz and Wiley Drake Lose Appellate Bid

Barack Obama does not have to go to court to prove to Orange County's Orly Taitz and the Rev. Wiley Drake and seven other Southern Californians that he was natural born and eligible to be president of the United States, a federal appeals court ruled today. One reason a three-judge panel of the
U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in Washington, D.C., gave for dismissing the lawsuit filed on Inauguration Day
2009: the so-called birthers suffered no harm from the Obama presidency giving them the right to sue him.

That includes Drake, who ran as Alan Keyes' running mate on the American Independent Party's ticket in 2008. On one of his radio shows, Pastor Drake of the First Southern
Baptist Church of Buena Park famously called on listeners to pray for Obama's death.

For Keyes and Drake to have had standing to sue, the trio of Democratic justices said, they would have had to have done so before the November election.

Regardless of that, the appellate panel pointed out only Congress has the right to remove a president under the U.S. Constitution, through impeachment. Federal courts have no such power.

As you'd expect, Aliso Viejo lawyer/dentist/real estate saleslady Taitz is vowing to appeal, this time seeking a review by the full, 11-member 9th Circuit panel.

“In three years, not one single court has stated that
Barack Obama is a legitimate president, no court has verified that the
Social Security number he uses was assigned to him, no court has
validated his birth certificate,” she said outside court, where birthers reportedly stuffed their funny papers into the faces of bored reporters. “All the courts are simply
passing the buck, kicking the can by saying they have no jurisdiction
and that the plaintiffs have no standing.”

Once the truth comes out–that the original copy of Obama's birth certificate is
a phony–“they will have to go to prison,” according to Taitz, who did not specify who “they” are.

Prolly Democrats.

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