Presente, National Latino Political Advocacy Group, Demands Full State Attorney General Investigation of Anaheim Police Department

The disturbing images of police repression from Saturday's standoff in Anaheim following the police killing of Manuel Diaz have gone viral, making international headlines.

After a weekend of fatal officer-involved shootings and days of social unrest in the city, the national Latino political organization, in conjunction with local community members, is demanding that State Attorney Kamala Harris launch a full investigation into the incident as well as the uptick in officer involved-shootings over the years that has prompted Mother's Day marches of grieving families in front of Disneyland.

The call goes above and beyond Mayor Tom Tait's statements
yesterday asking Harris' office to look into the circumstances
surrounding the initial shooting in the name of transparency.

“If it wasn't clear already, it is clear now that the Anaheim Police
Department is out of control,” reads the statement of 
“This police brutality needs to stop. “

“I see these parents were shielding their kids from the bullets of a
shotgun. I could not believe that,” says co-founder and strategist Roberto Lovato in reference to the civilian footage of the repression. “None of us are just going to stand by and watch this.”

As an organization, don't play around. They've successfully campaigned and gained victories for their initiatives in the past including “Basta Dobbs” which knocked the Know Nothing blabbering baboso off CNN.
In a city like Anaheim, where grassroots raza organizations are few and far between, national backing is important, especially after all that has transpired this weekend, including another killing just last night. “For the police to go out and shoot someone the very next day, it's almost like they are challenging the community,” Lovato adds. “If we don't do anything, we're complicit.

“Anaheim can become a national symbol of how sick we are with respect to these atrocious acts perpetrated by police.”

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