Premiere: Yppah Gets Us Buzzed On “Bushmills”

Considering Friday is a good day to get to happy hour early, no harm in starting the day with a little Bushmills, right? Although before you get your shot glasses ready, we suggest a sip of “Bushmills,” this intoxicating track from Long Beach-by-way-of-Texas artist Yppah. Having amassed a legion of loyal fans with his signature blend of electronic, psychedelic and rock influences, Yppah (pronounced “yip-ah”) is back with perhaps his most intimate work to date. Tiny Pause, due for release on Counter Records October 16, finds the LBC beatsmith adopting an enormous technical shift in his writing process, moving away from largely software-based production and live instrumentation to modular synthesizers and samplers. Inspired in large part by 8mm footage and self-described “creepy/beautiful” archived film found on the internet, he draws on the same palette of the living landscape, human memory and emotive warmth found in his prior work and magnifies it, echoing the sounds of Tycho, Baths and Boards of Canada.


Born Joe Corrales Jr., Yppah's sound hinges on ethereality and dynamism, equal parts My Bloody Valentine and hip-hop. Previous records (2006's You Are Beautiful All The Times, 2009's They Know What Ghost Know, 2012's Eighty One) show off his cultural heritage and relentless curiosity to brilliant effect, landing placements in films (21), video games (Alone In The Dark) and television series (House, CSI) while touring around the globe.

Tiny Pause is informed in large part by shifts in Yppah's life since his last work. Having toured the album, moved from Texas to Long Beach and transitioned into more ambitious commercial work (for trailers, sound design and music libraries), Yppah soon found himself embracing hardware in a big way, buying and selling gear constantly while writing to find the best-suited combination for his workflow. The addition of two dogs to his home and a newfound hobby of surfing round out Yppah's biggest influencers for the direction of the new record. Check out the track “Bushmills” below. Hopefully it's enough to get you buzzed.

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