Premiere: Nightair Elevates Garage Rock on “Clouds (I'm Alright)”

It's a pretty sure bet that few things in life will turn out to be as simple as they seem from the outside. While that can be a bummer in the real world, if you're a local band with a catchy single, it's exactly what you want. Something artful to unpack that helps further the conversation about your potential as a breakout act. On it's face, Nightair's debut single “Clouds (I'm Alright)” has a familiar tone–an angular, garage rock gem harboring influences from acts like The Strokes, Interpol and Bloc Party. But turn it on its ear and you hear the Laguna Beach band locking in its own unique groove on a song that sounds like honors students explaining the travails of teen relationships in a profound way that even the jocks can understand.

The vocals of lead singer Tony Davia cut through the muscular rhythm section of bassist Lucas Connor, drummer Lauren Potts and the spangling guitar of Brandon Miranda to deliver verses that help pick up and dust off anyone who's been knocked down by love lately. And if anything can make you feel better, it's certainly that chorus: “I'm alright (Hey!) Im okay (Hey! Hey!), I'm alright (Hey! Hey!), I'm okay (Hey! Hey!).” Can't really argue with that now, can you?

Today, Heard Mentality is premiering “Clouds (I'm Alright),” which will also be available for download on Night Air's Bandcamp site. Their forthcoming EP is due out later this month. After a few plays of the single you might just find yourself hooked. If you don't already love the song, it might help to know that all the proceeds from the track are being donated to Sweet Relief Musicians Fund, a national nonprofit based in Fullerton delivering aid to struggling musicians enduring a wide range of physical, mental, financial and age-related problems in an effort to get them back on their feet. Check out the song and the video after the jump.


“Clouds ( I'm Alright)” by Nightair

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