Pot Celebrity “Bong Rip” Rips Off Soup Kitchen, Celebrates On YouTube

Remember Bong Rip?

He's the curly-haired Harpo Marx lookalike from Huntington Beach who likes to post streaming videos of himself smoking weed in his limousine. The last time we wrote about him, he forgot to show up for court after being cited for–you guessed it–smoking weed in his limousine. (Actually he was cited for speeding and pot possession, but he had a poster of himself in the limo showing himself smoking weed).

Now Bong Rip–real name Mark Roen–is in trouble for a much lamer reason than simply smoking pot. He posted a video of himself on Youtube taking bong hits, coughing a lot, and bragging about how he drove his limo to a soup kitchen and drove off with an epic haul of food and other donated items.


The stupid stunt caught the attention of the folks at Huffington Post, who wrote about it for their News of the Weird column on Feb. 25.

In the video, after taking a big bong hit and coughing extensively, Bong Rip begins to pull various items from a plastic bag and cardboard box that he had just scored at the unnamed soup kitchen. First there's a toothbrush and toothpaste, then a stick of Old Spice deodorant, which prompts Bong Rip to sagely observe that all the “bums” are smelling like Old Spice now.

Also in the bag are three large and fresh tomatoes. “Good for your prostate,” Bong Rip enthuses. “Hooking the bums up with tomatoes!”

Then there's bread. “Very nice artisan bread,” he says. “Bums are eating nice bread right there. The bums have it good.

Bong Rip seems amazed that “bums” can simply walk into a soup kitchen and get food items packed conveniently in cardboard boxes. “Look at this box,” he declares. “It's twenty fucking pounds.

Inside the box: noodles. “Some top ramen,” says Bong Rip. “Hell yeah. Every bum needs some Ichi-ban Top Ramen.”

In case you're worried that Bong Rip–who isn't exactly down on his luck–was taking food away from homeless people, fret not. “I came at the end of [the line] after a ton of fucking bums,” he promises. “I didn't take any shit from the bums.”

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