Porthole Chip Shop Opens in Newport Beach

I got wind of a new seafood restaurant that just opened in the Balboa Peninsula. It's called Porthole Chop Chip Shop and it appears to have taken the space of Patril Bistro, an Italian restaurant that was never on my radar since it was on the part of the Peninsula that looks like a residential section of town.


Porthole Chip Shop is still working on its website. But the pictures it has posted on its Facebook page indicates that it, at least, serves three items: a dish it calls “Mussels Mexicana”, another called “Mussels Thai”, and Oysters Rockefeller.

It's also safe to assume it also makes fish and chips.

514 W Balboa Boulevard, Newport Beach, California 92661, (949) 287-6808; http://www.portholechipshop.com/

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