Poqet Donuts, Build-Your-Own-Donut Shop, Opens in Irvine

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These days, eateries where you can build your own burrito, pizza, and poke bowls are at every corner.

Now taking cues from similar concepts in LA, Chicago and New York, a build-your-own donut shop called Poqet Donuts has opened in Irvine. Actually, the joint is a Donut Star franchise that switched to a build-your-own concept a few weeks ago. According to the Daily Pilot, they are still in soft-opening mode and haven't yet gotten the approval to change the sign.


But they are already offering green tea, red velvet, pumpkin, blueberry and butterscotch among other fancy-flavored donuts that you can then choose to top with nuts, sprinkles and all sorts of other ingredients you probably didn't think could go on a donut.

And if you're wondering, it's pronounced “Pocket”.

17655 Harvard Ave., Suite B, Irvine

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