Popular YouTube Chef Seriously Injured

If Cooking With Dog isn't the most popular cooking channel on YouTube, it is certainly the most beloved. The series of cooking shorts that details, step-by-step, the creation of more than 70 Japanese dishes was recently selected for a YouTube Japanese Award. Our sister blog SFoodie shares our love and did a list of Top 5 Cooking With Dog Episodes a few weeks ago. 

The latest entry, uploaded yesterday, started typically with the woman our “dog” narrator refers to as Chef preparing a dish (an oyster and egg donburi). But it ended with a bombshell. A note stated that the woman recently “sustained serious injuries while riding her bicycle in the suburbs of Tokyo.” 


The note said the following in its entirety: 

First, I would like to say than you to all of our viewers for supporting our show. Today, I am afraid I have some very sad news. On Jan. 15, Chef sustained serious injuries while riding her bicycle in the suburbs of Tokyo. She was rushed to the ICU by helicopter. I certainly understand your worries and concerns. She is now in a stable condition, but unfortunately, I am unable to give any other information at this time. I would like to apologize in advance for not being able to respond to your messages during this tragic turn of events. 
As the comment pages get flooded by the minute with get-well wishes from all over the world, we also offer our own.

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