Poppin’ Bottles with Blüm.

Find me in da club….bottle full of bubb’

It’s hard being a streetwise gangster from Pittsburgh, mostly because I am from Phelan, (affectionately known as California’s butthole) and my 150 pound frame hardly scares anyone into submission. But when I heard Blüm in Santa Ana was about to start carrying rapper Wiz Khalifa’s newest cannabis infused sparkling beverage I knew that I had to get my hands on a bottle to test it’s ability to blend itself perfectly into one of my favorite cocktails, and if that didn’t work I would just wait till the next time I was “in da club” and pour it on the finest lady I saw.

I’ll spare everyone the history lesson about the cocktail. It’s good, contains enough cognac to get Suge Knight drunk, and the ladies also love it which is enough for me. But if I still haven’t convinced you then the addition of this potent cannabis product is sure to help change your mind. The following recipe should be made with fresh ingredients and exact measurements in order to really enjoy the euphoric effects, just make sure you inform everyone of the added THC content or you might find yourself holding someone’s hair all night instead of their waistline.

French 75
1.0 ounce Cognac
0.5 ounce fresh lemon juice
0.5 ounce simple syrup
top with Wiz’s signature beverage (about 4 ounces)

This drinks nutty flavor and simple ingredients will be the hit of any cocktail party this fall and ensure your place among your friends as the reigning champion of cannabis infused cocktails. And if you are planning on having multiple “bitches” over you can always multiply the cocktail and serve it in a punch bowl. Just have your special guests pour the magical elixir over some ice and garnish with a lemon and some of California’s finest.

I was super excited with my cocktail but I felt like I needed to really get a “full” experience with my bottle of the devils lettuce. So I waited until the freakin weekend to really test the boundaries of the hip hop moguls brew. After purchasing a brand new pair of Adidas and putting on my good hat I save for funerals and other special events the night had finally come. The only problem is that no matter how much you spend on your shoes you still have to be able to spit game, and I was in no condition to try and talk to anyone. So, with my bottle of California’s finest I stood, proud and resolute, in the middle of the dance floor chugging myself into a higher state of relaxation while the hordes of people around me were none the wiser. Huge thank you Mr. Khalifa and
to Blüm for letting me be the first to try something that should be apart of everyone’s holiday plans.

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