Pop-Up Dinner with Aron Habiger at Anepalco’s TONIGHT

Remember how we told you earlier this month that OC native son Aron Habiger was starting up a new series of pop-up restaurants around OC, and that you have to check them out. Welp, Aron has one going TONIGHT at Anepalco’s, and there’s still a couple of tickets left.

Habiger has titled his series, “On the Lam,” with the following mission statement:

A nomadic dining experience where the landscape of the Pacific Northwest serves as inspiration for our cuisine. We are intent on building relationships with like minded and forward thinking individuals that last beyond our communal dinner. The goal of our dinners is create that perfect moment where conversations start, friendships begin, and memories are made.

The menu for tonight is a beaut:

beginnings: amuse bouche

1 – ember kissed kanpachi | charred cucumber | avocado | buttermilk aguachiles

2 – smoked beets | roasted tofu | horseradish | pepitas | buddhas hand

3 – kohlrabi | shrimp mousse | burnt cream | lemon

4 – corn | cotija espuma | sorghum | chili

5 – flatiron steak | roasted herb salsa verde | escabeche | scallions

endings: Chef Ashley Guzman: cafe sua da | short bread  

The fun starts at 6:30—see you there!

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