The great thing about pop rock–the gentle subgenre of rock based on catchy pop structures led by guitars–is that it’s great for live shows. Now imagine a show with not one but eleven bands rocking the stage–in other words, Pop-Rock-A-Palooza at Malone’s. Naturally, you get all sorts of pop rock at this show: the ones that classically resemble early 2000s mainstream rock (like Between California and Summer and Better Heroes) and others that roughen up the genre (think A Crowd Like You). Some of the bands that will be playing–Addington, VIDA, Keep Left, Approaching Troy, Carry On Zephyr, and FRY along with those mentioned above–are Orange County locals, so you know what to do: support them! For those who'd like to hang around, check out the after-show gathering at Dream Cafe in Anaheim.

Sun., Aug. 23, 3 p.m., 2015

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