Pom & Olive Mediterranean Opens in Costa Mesa

A new restaurant has opened in the space that used to be a Chinese vegan restaurant called Happy Family, and before that, May Garden, which was a long-running establishment that peddled sweet-and-sour-kung-pao Chinese food to the masses the same time it offered a secret Taiwanese menu for those who knew to ask for it. I still miss May Garden.


The new place isn't another Chinese joint, but a Mediterranean one, which is a broad enough category that they can offer Greek dolmades on the menu but also Persian fesenjan it sells as “pomegranate stew”. The huevos rancheros I saw on the breakfast menu is harder to reconcile.

Pom & Olive is located at 1400 Bristol Street, Building C in Costa Mesa, and is actually within walking distance from OC Weekly World Headquarters.

The menu, with that contradictory Mexican breakfast dish among the shawarmas and koobidehs, can be checked out on their website.

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