Police Find Nazi Regalia, Stockpile of Assault Rifles After Arresting HB Man

Is this what it looks like when doves cry? Fox11 video screenshot

Laguna Beach police seized an arsenal of more than 50 firearms and found Nazi memorabilia following the arrest of Mitchell Todd yesterday in–where else?–Huntington Beach. Authorities obtained a search warrant after investigating the 51-year-old man this month for allegedly threatening a client of his dove release business (yes, you read that right) during a payment dispute.

“You could tell the voicemails and text messages became more and more threatening and then the tip of the iceberg was hearing the releasing of a handgun slide,” Sgt. Jim Cota told Fox11 News in an exclusive last night.  “At that point we knew we were dealing with somebody whose got the potential of extreme violence.”

What authorities didn’t know is that they’d later find a stockpile of weapons, including AK-47’s and sniper rifles, at Todd’s home. Cota told Fox11 that only 12 of the firearms were registered in Todd’s name and surmises that Laguna Beach PD may have prevented a future act of mass violence.

In addition to the tons of guns, police also found a Confederate flag and Nazi memorabilia inside the home, prompting questions about possible ties to known white supremacist groups.

Todd’s mugshot. Courtesy Laguna Beach PD

Todd’s public Facebook posts don’t openly espouse Nazi ideology. Instead, in a rare political post, he bemoaned the California Values Act writing just a week ago, “With California now a ‘Sanctuary State’ and their libtard Democratic state legislature pushing for voting rights for illegal aliens, the state will never recover.”

The YouTube page for his OC Doves business also shows a video about last year’s pro-Trump MAGA rally in Huntington Beach where white doves were released from cages while claiming OC Doves “is about ‘Peace in the World'” and “promotes peace for all sides of the coin.”

Laguna Beach police arrested Todd on suspicion of making criminal threats but weapons charges are expected in the wake of yesterday’s discovery.

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  1. I bet If post this in the Huntington Beach Forum most of them would defend this guy and call him a victim. Infact I wouldn’t be surprised if they wanted this guy to run for Ocean View School board along with “racey” Gracey Van-der Mark.

  2. This freak has no right to be in America, thousands of decent American lost their lives protecting the World from racist haters like this PIG.

  3. Is there a reason why not a single news source has mentioned that this mans house stands in plane view of the entire playground for an elementary/jr high school?

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