Police: Explosion at Disneyland's Toontown Yesterday a Prank; Judge Doom a Suspect?–Update

Updated, with new info on the bottom…

ORIGINAL STORY, MAY 28, 6:04 P.M.: News is coming out of Disneyland right now that there was an explosion reported in the theme park's Toontown section, specifically from a trash can. Reports off of Twitter from people on the scene say that police are evacuating the area, and that fire crews are coming in. Photos from Twitter also show crowds leaving Disneyland in an orderly fashion.

More to come, no doubt…let's hope it's not something nefarious.


UPDATE, MAY 29, 7 A.M.: Here's Rachel Maddow on the Toontown explosion, for anyone who likes their news liberal:

Our mother paper, LA Weekly, is responsible, so they actually called the Anaheim Police Department to figure out what the hell happened. Spokeshole Bob Dunn told them that a plastic bottle filled with dry ice was the cause of the explosion and suspect it was a prank. And while writer Dennis Romero thinks that the suspect is probably “teen-aged and pimply faced,” Twitter is pointing to THIS guy as the prime suspect.

Stay safe, folks!

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