Poki Naya, Another New Poke Shop, Serves Pho and Poke

The Poke Proliferation continues. This week, something new: a poke shop that also serves pho in case, you know, you're still not on the poke bandwagon.

Poki Naya serves exactly just these two menu items and only these two menu items. The poke bowls are customizable just as at every other poke joint out there and starts at $8.50. The pho starts at $5.99.


The location (at 12012 Knott St, # C in Garden Grove) is not a stranger to pho. It used to be Pho Season, and before that it was another pho joint called Pho America. The switchover is not surprising since poke is still hot, but oh the missed opportunity on a jazzier name that incorporates the words “pho” and “poke”.

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