Poke District Opens in Orange

I think it's official now. Poke–that Hawaiian foodstuff of marinated cubes of raw fish that a few years ago was relegated to the margins of sushi bar menus–is this year's hot food trend.

A few years ago, North Shore Poke Co. opened in Huntington Beach. Later Costco in Tustin started importing the stuff from it's Hawaiian stores. Then Pokinometry blew up last year, inspiring copycats and that's not counting Poke Etc. in Long Beach.

Earlier this week, Pokistation opened in Irvine, which besides the poke bowls it serves is actually Chinese restaurant whose kitchen specializes in dumplings.


Now comes Poke District in Orange, which is sort of like Pokinometry in a way, because you choose a protein (ahi or salmon), rice, and then a sauce (from original, spicy, avocado aioli, wasabi aioli, or creamy aioli). All bowls constructed include sesame, green and white onion, furikake, masago, kanikama and seaweed salad.

You can see the rest of the menu here.

Poke District, 1924 N. Tustin St., Orange, 714-602-7907; http://www.poke-district.com/

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