Pizza Hut Workers in Cypress Ring in New Year With Bong Hits: VIDEO

Did you throw a New Year’s Eve party in Cypress and pizzas ordered from Pizza Hut came two hours late? Or arrived half-eaten in the box? A viral video making the rounds may explain why! 

In clips first uploaded on Live Leak, two bored Pizza Hut workers stuck with the New Year’s Eve shift at a Cypress location decided to break out a bong to liven up things. One young man wearing his Pizza Hut shirt take a rip in the kitchen. “Did he take a good hit?” a woman asks off camera. Another worker twirls around with the bong next before registering the weakest hit ever. She hands the bong back to the woman filming on her phone.

There’s probably no better job site to get baked at than one where pizzas are baked! Still, it’s not a good idea to film bong rips (whether real or pretend) on the clock, even worse to post them online for all too see. It’s unclear who uploaded the clips or why, but Pizza Hut didn’t take too kindly to the pair’s actions. 

“There is no tolerance for this kind of activity at any of our restaurants,” the high killing statement given to Eater reads. “The local franchise owner took swift action and the employees involved will no longer work for Pizza Hut.”

See kiddos, it just doesn’t pay to ‘Hutbox’ on the job! 

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