Pink Pigeon Rum, Our Drink of the Week!

The suits gave us Hi-Time gift cards for Christmas, and ain't Village Voice Media a swell company to work for? No sarcasm: I was ecstatic to buy something outside my bourbon/tequila/mezcal triumvirate that rules my liver, and scheduled a day to roam their many aisles.

I decided on a bottle of scotch and rum, and asked Dave for advice on the matter. He suggested some BalerMcGlenish or other, in a stately bottle befitting of Scotland. But for the rum, Dave said Pink Pigeon was my best bet. The name immediately put me off, then the bottle…look at it! It looks like an Affliction T-shirt, or a brew Gwen Stefani would sponsor. I immediately texted Dave that the bottle was fresa–literally “fruity” in Mexican Spanish, but really frou-frou. But Dave stood his ground, and so I bought the bottle.

Don't get put off by the bottle like I initially was–this is one of the best rums I've ever tasted. It's from the island of Mauritius, which most people will only know as the small island off Madagascar that's not Réunion. The heavy sweetness at the onset is vanilla, a fragrant, almost jolting sweetness you'd only associate with cake. Then comes a sugary middle, topped by a spice at the end the official flackage says is nutmeg but comes off more as cinnamon.

It's a creamy, golden, luscious drink that's an absolute bargain at around $25 and proves one cardinal truth: DAVE LIEBERMAN IS GOD.

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