Pier 76 Fish Grill Moves; Still Great!

Pier 76 Fish Grill, Chris Krajacic's wonderful seafood fast-casual that I reviewed last September and then listed as one of Long Beach's 10 Essential Restaurants (not to mention the winner of Best Mussels on our Best Of Issue), has moved out of the ground floor of the historic Cooper Arms building on Ocean Boulevard and into a new spot a few blocks away on Pine and 1st.


The restaurant opened at 95 Pine Avenue last Saturday and looks to be settled in for the long haul. Though the new digs lack the courtyard that the old place had, according to the restaurant's Facebook page, parking is now much easier: They will validate up to two-hours if you park at the Landmark Structure.

In those two hours, be sure to try the mussels. Pier 76's rendition of moules frites (steamed mussels with french fries) will reset your expectations of the bivalve forever, especially if you've had thousands of lesser specimens before.

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