Pie-Not Offering Pie for $3.14 Tomorrow on Pi Day

Pi Day (commemorating the numerical constant that is the ratio of a circumference of circle to its diameter) is just as ridiculously fake as Talk Like Pirate Day or Star Wars Day (May the 4th be with you), but it trumps the other fake holidays because people who make pies and, as Charles wrote the other day, even pizza, are using the date 3/14 (get it?) to offer special $3.14 pricing on their pies.


Pie-Not, the Aussie pie shop I reviewed on these pages not too long ago is doing just that. It's offering its base Dog Eye's pie for $3.14 tomorrow. Normally the pie goes for $5.50, a nearly 43% markdown.

As you eat your discounted meat-filled pie, ponder what other mathematical constants deserve their own holiday…e? i? The square root of 2?

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