Picasso At the Lapin Agile

We all know Steve Martin—actor, comedian and third amigo. But there’s a lot about Martin that people may not know. Contrary to popular belief, he wasn’t a regular on Saturday Night Live; he just appeared a bunch of times. Also, while attending Cal State Long Beach, he didn’t major in theater, but rather philosophy. Perhaps less surprising to those who saw the 2005 film Shop Girl starring Jason Schwartzman and Claire Danes is that Martin is also a world-class writer. This week, Chapman University presents a play the funny man and expert banjo player penned back in 1993, Picasso At the Lapin Agile—and it’s a story only a philosophical comedian banjo player could possibly dream up. Set in Paris 1904, we join Pablo Picasso and Albert Einstein as they discuss which is more important, science or art. Not to give too much away but things are put in perspective when a time-traveling genius appears on the scene. Dare you miss this one?

Thursdays-Saturdays, 7:30 p.m. Starts: March 17. Continues through March 26, 2011

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