Piñata Bomb Makes Hipster Piñatas

Donald Trump may be the most appropriate piñata in recent history, but he certainly isn't the cutest. In a medium in which we thought everything that could be done has been done, Piñata Bomb (pinatabomb.etsy.com) are making us giddy about piñatas again. Fashion designer Ryann Linehan and illustrator Ryane Acalin create hand-crafted pop-culture and subculture icons that have never had the pleasure of being made into piñatas. Except every character is in cat form “because cats,” explains Linehan.

“Last Cinco de Mayo, we went out for a predictable margarita celebration, and I described a sexy Jeff Goldblum piñata I just made for a friend's bachelorette party,” the Fountain Valley native says. Acalin admitted to her friend she always wanted to make piñatas and thus their company was born.

The ladies make their creations affordable, pricing them at $45 to $50. “It's terrible how nice piñatas are abhorrently expensive,” Linehan says. “You either pay $20 for a deformed Spongebob or $100 for some artisanal diamond thing.”

But they also offer an altogether different experience. “We originally wanted people to be able to throw them on the ground and have them explode,” Linehan says, but that idea failed miserably. Instead, a tug of the balloon-sized cat's tail pops its head off in a wave of confetti and prizes to match the character's personality. “Freddie Mercury has plastic fruit figurines, a mustache keychain, sequins and a condom,” Linehan says, laughing.

Currently, their shop offers figures of David Bowie, Margot Tenenbaum, Frida Kahlo, Björk and Nyan Cat. Piñata Bomb also accepts custom orders and is currently working on a Twin Peaks line. Eeeee!

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